Thursday, October 4, 2007

Featured KY Photographer, Jessica Woolard

"You will Stunt your Growth" by Jessica Woolard

Artist Statement
I was born in Stockton, California, but I am from Kentucky. My family and I moved to the suburbs of Louisville in December of 1990. Prior to the move, the extent of cold weather I had known was the day I woke up to find a puddle with a thin layer of ice. I believe we had on winter coats that day… Arriving in Kentucky during winter was rather shocking. I had never been in a place that seemed so grey, dismal and dirty. Sometime passed, and something happened that I had never experienced, the seasons changed. Everything was green and lovely. From then on, each day was spent in the creek behind my backyard. I had fallen in love with Kentucky, and the scenic changes it had to offer.

Naturally, when I heard about this project, I wanted to recreate my time spent in those woods. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the uncomplicated years behind the fence really didn’t have anything to do with growing up female in Kentucky. It was years after that, when I was forced to realize that there is a difference between girls and boys, other than hair styles.

This is the time I began growing up. My “tom-boy” personality became physically noticeable, due to my delayed development. It did not help that I spent most of my time hanging out with the older kids, my body seemed light years behind. Our suburban community was no different than any. There was nothing to do besides drink, smoke and have sex. Fortunately, because of my boyish figure, I was stuck with the first two options. That was growing up for me. Sitting on the side lines, feeling insecure with some cigarettes, and whatever alcohol I could collect.

Jessica's Bio
My name is Jessica Woolard and I am currently 24 years old. I grew up winning every coloring contest I entered. Once I got a little too old for that, I had to wait until my fourth year of school at the University of Louisville to take my first photography class. There, I began developing (no pun intended) my take on art. I received my BFA from U of L with a concentration in 2d art in the spring of 2006. I now spend my time taking pictures of my friends with their clothes off.

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